Monday, September 11, 2017

Keeping up with debian Sid

My small build system

I need to replace some distro packages with my improvements.
For this I need to patch the sources -- I only handle git. I need to be notified, warned, when a new version is needed.

So I patched apt to report when a switch from my version to the upstream would happen (due to  "apt dist-upgrade").

In such a case I run my  git-rebase-origin which rebases my feature poset (of feature branches/segments mixed into "merges") over a refreshed remote branch.

Then I run my scripts to invoke gbp(1) with a suitable version string, and create the deb packages & put them in reprepro.

the sequence of commands to maintain apt itself:

$ cd ~/git/apt/
$ git-rebase-origin  

# this deduces the upstream -- base of my feature branches.

$ release
# this detects I'm building my extension of upstream debian package, so deduces the correct version, build, uploads, tags, pushes, installs.

When I only want to test some changes, I run 
$ snap
which creates a .deb package, installs it, withouth any reprepro etc.

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